Be Active Stop Plastic (BASP) is an awareness and action campaign on the conscious use of single-use plastic.

BASP’s purpose is to develop collective awareness on the environmental impact of the inconsiderate use of plastic objects. The campaign started in 2017, when the action sports’ event Xmasters introduced sustainable practices and contacted SIMBIO asking for technical, scientific and educational support. Since then, SIMBIO has undertaken a series of actions to raise awareness on the use of disposable plastic and promote alternatives:

  • “Plastic Straws Suck” in partnership with Clean Ocean Project, Xmasters and Upupa and Colibri;
  • Clean-ups, in different Italian locations (i.e. Senigallia, Santa Margherita Ligure, Lecco) in partnership with Worldrise and other organisations;
  • Scientific dissemination events involving Federica Guerrini, a SIMBIO member who conducts Politecnico di Milano research on plastics dispersion in the ocean.
  • Support for local events to help reduce the use of disposable plastic (La Sbiellata Sanzenese).

To help support Be Active Stop Plastic and preserve nature, you can:

  • Participate in SIMBIO organised clean-ups;
  • reduce the use of single-use plastic with daily actions that you report to us;
  • support our activities with a donation:

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To participate and learn about BASP’s activities, you can email

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