SIMBIO began its Amazon rainforest conservation in the Madre de Dios region in Peru in 2012. The work supports local organisations and consists of providing scientific, communicative and information support in the fight against deforestation. The Madre de Dios region is in the south-eastern area of Peru, on the Brazilian and Bolivian border and is slightly larger than Austria (85,300 km2). The region is covered by rainforest and is one of the richest in terms of biodiversity. It has the highest number of butterfly species in the world. Unfortunately, this natural heritage is at risk due to unrestrained deforestation taking place in this part of South America. With the loss of natural heritage, ecosystem services are gradually lost, and biodiversity is one of the most at-risk.

Monocultures, extensive farming and mining are the main causes of deforestation, and result in over-exploitation of the area. This process has sped up with the completion of the Inter-Oceanic motorway, which “cuts” South America in half, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.


To find a solution to this complex problem, SIMBIO started its SAVE THE RAINFOREST project, which promotes the implementation of innovative biodiversity maintenance practices.

SAVE THE RAINFOREST consists in the conservation of 2,423 hectares of forest in the Madre de Dios region, with a partnership between TEJIENDO SONRISAS and local concessionaires (Peruvian citizens who have been managing forest areas for 40 years). SIMBIO, TEJIENDO SONRISAS and the concessionaires signed the REMUNERATION MECHANISM FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES agreement, through which the two non-profit organisations are committed to raising funds for the conservation of ecosystem services in the areas of interest. The concessionaires are committed to preserve the areas using sustainable practices (Brazil nut harvesting, agroecology, and ecotourism). SIMBIO has set up SAVE THE RAINFOREST, a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to protect an area of the Amazon rainforest and contribute to the productive conservation of this ecosystem. JOIN US, PROTECT THE FOREST!

To help preserve the Amazon, you can:

  • protect a forest area through the SAVE THE RAINFOREST platform;
  • If you are a COMPANY, you can create your own FOREST CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • share SIMBIO’s activities to protect the Amazon;
  • donate your 0.5 per cent of your tax to our activities (tax code: 94033350136 – SIMBIO ONLUS).

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